Criminal Courts, DWI and Mental Illness

Mental Health in the Criminal Attorney Defense System

There are many issues that surround the criminal justice system and if they are not considered carefully, it could result in a number of problems. One of the issues that has been seen frequently in recent years are the number of individuals who are coming through the criminal justice system with mental health and substance abuse issues. These problems really put a load on the system and in many cases, things have not been handled in the best way they possibly could.

One of the primary issues with individuals dealing with mental health issues or substance abuse is that they may not benefit from the same management as those who are not dealing with the same issues. Those who come through the criminal justice system are likely to face time in prison but for those with mental health issues, it may be a better idea to divert them to a competent mental health care facility like the best criminal defense attorney.

In doing so, it not only helps to reduce the strain on the system, it may also be better for those individuals who are dealing with such problems.

In order for these types of issues to work out properly and fairly for everyone, support needs to be seen across the board. It starts with the law enforcement officers and works its way through the system, including public defenders, personnel who are working in the court, prosecutors, legislators and anyone else who was involved in the system. When they all get on board and are working toward a common goal, it can be to the benefit of everyone.

Of course, it is not only to the benefit of those who suffer from mental illnesses to be diverted from the criminal justice system, it is also beneficial to the system as well. It reduces the amount of time and effort that is necessary to work with these individuals and allows those resources to be diverted to others within the system that could benefit from incarceration.